Thursday, May 29, 2008

Social Media Monitoring & Analysis

Having recently read the Aberdeen Group research paper on Social Media Monitoring and Analysis, I was asked by a client about its usefulness (before they read it themselves).

Now Aberdeen Group papers are usually written in a fairly dry manner, with terminology that can initally baffle the inexperienced (e.g. their use of the term "laggards"), this one is no different. However once you have read a few you get used to it (almost).

The paper does contain some very useful information about social media measurement as well as observations and insight picked up from those they have surveyed in the entertainment, PR, retial and other market sectors.

A service like this (e.g. Magpie's Brandwatch) is useful for managing your company's online reputation and if the report says:

"61% of Best-in-Class companies currently deploy social media monitoring and
analysis solutions"

....perhaps you should consider if yours needs to do the same?
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