Thursday, June 19, 2008

CEO blogs

I've previously covered the topic of CEO's that blog. However it turns out that there are far more interesting examples of this activity that I initially realised.
Obviously, working in and around the digital arena, I'm aware of top-dogs within my industry who are practicing what they preach. Notable examples are Clark Kokich of Avenue A Razorfish who makes time to post, as does Alastair Duncan of MRM.
However the CEO blogger is appearing in other verticals:

However, not all of this is done purely for altruism. The majority of companies surveyed in a recent report (76%) indicated that they have noticed an increase in media attention and/or website traffic as a result of their blog. Indeed Brad Field highlights his colleagues, promotes companies and his investments in his (and particularly in his alternative blog and following Glenn's blogging....

Kelman and his crew were closing several deals a day


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