Monday, June 2, 2008

Chief Blogging Officer

Social media, blogging and tracking your company's reputation online is a tricky job and not as much fun as it necessarily seems. But should this be one person's role? Well according to a recent article by Alex Vlasto of MIVA:

If you're still looking to get a better handle on Web 2.0, it may be time to hire someone to specifically track and improve your brand's social media presence.
Apparently, companies such as Kodak, Coca-Cola & Marriott have recently recruited people to blog and engage consumers online, some with the title "Chief Blogger"

Now there's nobody better to deal with an issue than someone who is trained, experienced and passionate about their job. However with the relative recent evolutiuon of social media, finding someone to fill this role may prove trickier than writing the job description. Existing recruitment agencies may be able to help, but most are still far more familiar with their Web1.0 recruitment job descriptions.

So, if you're looking to recruit, here's a few places for inspiration:
A social networking site set up for jobs in errr... social networking
Jeremiah's 'career' tag on his site highlights employment issues and roles within the industry
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