Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Further musings on widgets

The discussion about the use and benefit of widgets rages on. Or is that wages? (well it is if you believe the eMarketer article from mback in April Welcome to the widget wars!) Now they come in new & improved media-streaming, rich advertising formats and are seemingly everywhere.

But are widgets really cutting it?

I can't help but think that currently widgets have grabbed more headlines and attention than they should. Half a year ago widgets were the next great thing, but now?

6 months or so ago widgets were even seen as a the saviour of the newspaper industry (probably why they grabbed so many headlines). The big and apparently new idea was that content syndication leads to revenue sharing (and therefore profit?). Even the Tribune, Gannett, Hearst and New York Times Companies teamed up to create a joint venture called quadrantONE. Formed to sell collective ad space and even monetise content via widgets, this collaboration has gone suprisingly quiet recenty. It will surely soon be asked if they really have added value to their parent companies or the customer yet.

So where are the widget success stories?
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