Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad multi-channel experiences

A bad cross-channel experience could well affect your customers, leading to lost revenue and bad feeling.

Its possible to create a frustrating multi-channel experience when dealing with a company via just two different channels, let alone 3 or 4! This is especially true in the digital world where customers are only one click away from abandoning a company if their expectations are not instantly met. Lets be a little clearer...

1. Optimising your channels is not necessarily all about the lowest cost-to-serve (The average cost required to deliver a service to a customer), its about maintaining the right revenue streams and quality.

2. Consistency across channels (call centre, website, in-store kiosk, customer interaction technologies, etc.) reduces customer frustration. Or put another way: a report by BT back in early 2008 showed that:
"ninety-seven per cent of customers expect their interactions with companies to be consistent and seamless"

Be careful how you plan and implement your multi-channel strategy for 2009.
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