Monday, January 5, 2009

Old words, new methods

I was recently staying at my parents-in-law house over Christmas and my wife (Moya) was throwing out some old school books and stuff. Among them was a publication called "Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Action" by Henry Assael (3rd Edition) printed in 1987.

So given a few spare minutes over the last week or so, I've started thumbing through it this old book to compare the pre-Internet marketing world with the one of today. I though it would be fun and useful to mention the differences we now have in Marketing and see how modern digital communications have changed things in over 2 decades.

Assael is apparently still Professor of Marketing at Leonard N. Stern School of Business in New York and has produced more contemporary work, including "Consumer Behaviour - A Strategic Approach" which is still in-print.

However, what I wasn't prepared for was to find it useful and really insightful in some areas of marketing approaches and techniques.

What I've therefore decided to do is to occasionally refer to Professor Assael's work and apply it to the modern digital / social / crowdsourced / always-on world. Expect to see his name and comments quoted from now-on.
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