Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Online advertising is a fad" says Wigan Courier boss

Regular readers will know I like to mention the gradual demise of the traditional media now and then. However, its been a while now since I found such a funny quote (courtesy of the Press Gazette Blog) by a member of the press about all this online stuff, that I had to post again today (that makes 3).

Mark Ashley, Managing director of the Wigan Courier has stated:
"the current obsession with internet advertising and Facebook will gradually go the way of all the digital fads over the last few years"
“There is still no substitute for a colourful, well-designed advertisement in a truly local paper.”

This wonderfully insightful comment came after the paper increased its circulation by 2,500 copies to 34,900 (I make that a whole 7% increase) after “continued requests from advertisers and members of the public”.
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