Thursday, February 4, 2010

Follow your dreams. Don Draper style

I've spoken to a few friends & digital industry people who've not had the best start to 2010. For whatever the reason they haven't had their fair share of luck recently...

Although digital is still growing in it's importance as a communication, engagement and application platform... We're still seen either as the new upstart on the block (perhaps hoped that we'll eventually go away or disappear in another millennium-style dot-com bubble bursting puff of ether) or an immature media that "could possibly compare with the golden age".

Now, like many people I'm a fan of MadMen the TV series based on 1950s Madison Avenue marketing agency types, who swaggered and drank themselves through the day (and night). And taking a leaf out of the principle character's metaphorical book, I say to my down-but-not-defeated friends...

Do what Don Draper would have done!..
Enjoy the moment, savour the digital bourbon of web communications, smoke the nicotine of Social Media just a little too much and walk like you own the place. 'cos one day you will!
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