Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I blog

I was recently asked by a friend (thanks Debs) how I managed to blog so often, given the time it takes to do it - and that I don't get paid to do it either.

Now I've recently had to stop blogging because of so many other things going on and not because my employer, 'Pulled a Forrester' on me :-)

This time off, as well making me feel guilty for not keeping up my near-daily blogging routine, was also a tiring time where I didn't have time to composed my thoughts. I believe this lack of blogging actually contributed to more disruption in thoughts, making my day more and more confused, which meant that I got into a bit of a vicious circle.

So, you see it now, I blog to compose my thoughts, to make things easier, so I have more time to blog. Now that's not another vicious circle... Is it?
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