Sunday, February 28, 2010

Following me on Twitter - what you can expect

I've been a Twitter user now for over two years, clocking up over 1,300 tweets so far (and counting). I've therefore seen it grow from a niche 'early adopter' service to a huge real-time trending tool in that time. In fact I even now use it when watching popular live TV programmes to get the 'back channel' on opinions and buzz (just don't tell my Ideal Interface colleagues that I'm a secret X-Factor viewer).

I've more or less settled into a pattern of using the same account for personal and work stuff, meaning there's a blend of:
  • Hyperlinks of stuff I have read and find useful

  • Personal replies to people I know

  • Retweets that I find useful or just plain relevant to me (and want my followers to see)

  • Trivial thoughts or comments that get me through the day

  • and more recently status updates from other services (e.g. Foursquare)

I therefore have a question (or two):

Does anybody find this balance right or wrong? Should I use my personal Twitter account just for personal stuff such as replies & thoughts and use the company one just for business tweets?

Let me know
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