Monday, July 5, 2010

Listen to Sidewiki Comments

The buzz about Google Sidewiki has died down over last few months. Although there are still a number of Sidewiki comments being made on sites, there doesn't seem to be the huge number of updates that were envisioned nor the appropriate backlash. The actual number of Sidewiki posts are extremely difficult to find, but from my perspective I think the hubbub seems to have resided somewhat.

My comments and those made by others stay linked to a specific site. They also are still there, even when the site has been updated (provided the URL doesn't change).
Note: This has already happened with the Russell and Bromley site I criticised about 6 months ago. Although the site has been updated, my words still remain.... fixed there in time like permanent virtual graffiti.

But just because this service (part of the Google browser toolbar, a free plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox - but surprisingly not Google's Chrome browser) isn't highly utilised.... it doesn't mean you shouldn't also monitor what's being written there.

Now obviously you can regularly open up Sidewiki and check you own site to see what's being written there. However my suggestion is to use Google's own Data API to capture this date
Hint: you can then run it through various tools / services (e.g. Yahoo Pipes) to further filter out the information you want.

For example, the feed for this blog is:
(to see the feed for your own site, simply replace the URL '' with your own).
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