Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why listen to Foursquare feedback?'ve heard about Foursquare, you read a bit about it and now you're considering it for possible business usage.

However, despite the claims that Foursquare is now adding almost 100,000 users a week, giving it 1.7 million users in a little over 15 months since its launch, its still a fairly niche service.... especially here in the UK.

But even if it is not a mainstream service yet, here's my reasons why I think you need to listen to the feedback (known as 'tips') about your business from Foursquare users:

  • These people are tech-savvy, making them more likely to be early adopters of new ideas and products.
  • They are interested in informing or influencing their social graph (their online circle of friends) - who also stand a good chance of being like them (see above)
  • They are part of and contribute to other social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and are possibly more likely to be a blogger.
  • They are mobile users - meaning they are more likely to vote with their feet
What other reasons do you need?