Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UK Facebook numbers & demographics

There's been a lot of press recently about Facebook reaching the milestone figure of 500 million users (or 'half a billion' if you want a more attention grabbing headline).

However, when looking for figures specific to the British user-base, there is unfortunately less information around. So I'm therefore grateful to Clicky Media for providing these recent UK statistics (and have unashamedly reproduced their diagrams here for my readers). They mainly give data for June 2010 and show the Social Network's growth despite the recent reports of poor customer satisfaction.....

European Facebook users (from April 2010) total over 110 million, with 24 million in the UK, which makes the UK the largest European user base:

UK Facebook Gender Split is very slightly female orientated (but then so is the UK population as a whole):

UK Facebook Age Split shows the Twenty-somethings have the largest proportion of users, but anyone considering marketing on the social network should obviously not ignore any other age ranges.

Looking at the UK Facebook Age and Gender Split, its clear that female users dominate every age range.
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