Sunday, July 25, 2010

mobile blogging

I used to write all my blog posts via a browser on the PC and would occasionally email myself useful articles that I then cut & pasted
into my posts.

More recently I started blogging using an app on my phone. It allowed me to type as I thought, in places I previously hadn't considered (in a train, in bed, etc.) . But I still found it a little clumsy to compose my words on a mobile device because the screen is too small to see all that you've written.

I guess it's different when you're Tweeting, then you only have 140 characters of text to play with. But in a blog post you could easily have upwards of 300 words that you need to review to make sure you've eloquently but succinctly covered your subject.

In this way, Twitter and mobile go hand in hand, perhaps that's why microblogging had to wait until the evolution of the smartphone to gain mass acceptance....
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