Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking for a CEO for a start-up, interested?

So here’s the situation….
A friend and I have come up with a great idea for a new online business. We’ve worked out how we’re going to develop and market it to grow customers. We’ve planned the site mechanic, the domain & brand and have initial agreements with key suppliers.
Basically, we are confident it’s a winner – but don’t have the time to deliver it!
It’s not the first site to deliver this functionality (someone has just launched a similar idea recently) , but given our contacts and expertise, we think we can leap over the only competition and create something of considerable value.
We are therefore looking for a CEO to help deliver the site, as we don’t want the opportunity to go to waste or watch someone play in this market which we know we could dominate.
So here’s the challenge…

  • Are you an experienced & commercial person with the ability to set-up and run a business-to-business online proposition?

  • Are you free for the next 3 months to help deliver the solution (with obvious assistance from the two founders)

  • Would you be happy (and able) to take lieu of payment in return for a generous share of the business?

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