Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little knowledge is all that's required

Ever heard the phrase "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"?

Well I'd always assumed it related to people like mad scientists in laboratories who came up with deadly viruses after reading a copy of "Anthrax for Dummies". Or someone like an evil (but stupid) super villain, who worked out how to cause global mayhem and panic with just a bottle of bleach and a tube of tomato purée. You get the idea...

But if you're a client and you want to cause widespread despair and upset in the digital / eCommerce industry... then my advice is to read and learn just enough about what you want, so that you are able to write basic and bewildering requirements for that new website / app / whatever that scare the bejesus out of those that you have asked to deliver them.

I'm not suggesting dear prospective client* that you actually take the time to truly understand the ramifications of what you're asking. Instead, you should pull together an assorted collections of terms, buzz words and phrases that you think sound 'about right' and send them off to a bunch of agency folk. These people will then do their damnedest to meet your objectives, developing grey hairs and possible ulcers in the process.

If you really want to mess with their minds, throw in a couple of conflicting requirements... Assuming you know which ones actually conflict. If not... Who cares!

*Yes I am aware that most prospective clients reading this will now not be actual clients in the future.

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