Saturday, February 16, 2013

The hybrid roles created by digital

Let's face it, there's lot's strange and merged job descriptions knocking around the online / digital industry. Here's some you may have come across:
  • Developer evangelist
  • Strategic online project manager
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Owned, Paid and Earned Marketer
  • Programme Architect
These are all job roles I have seen in the last 12 months (although some of these may be familiar to regular readers as I blogged about the Chief Digital Officer one only a few months ago).  And to be totally transaparent, I've even applied for a consulting role as one of these... although I'm not going to admit which one it is.
To some people in the industry these newly-invented titles might seem unnecessary and even a little ego fluffing... but there's no doubt that the new economy is creating new types of jobs that have never arisen before.
I think this trend is only going to continue and admit to a slight curiousity as to what wierd ones will appear in the next year or so.

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