Thursday, February 7, 2013

The future of Windows Live Mesh

Most of you who read this blog won't even have heard of Windows Live Mesh. And I can't blame you.

However for the last few years I've been using Microsoft's cloud storage and Remote Desktop product. It's a piece of software that's either been in long-term Beta or behind the scenes... Hidden behind the frontline product of Hotmail (in all its guises) and anything else that Redmond want to associate it with.

Well now it's come full circle and Windows Live Mesh has, like some 80 's sci-fi movie, been scheduled for termination. But in happy smiley Microsoft land, this means that although from 13th February 2013 it will be no more... the baton will be passed to a similar product, Skydrive.

Nobody really seems to mention the lack of an integrated Remote Desktop product though... But there are other MS offerings that can take care of that.

Me, well I've decided not to follow the migration path offered. Instead I've moved all my files across to Dropbox, where they are now synched across all computers, whilst also being stored in the ever-present cloud.

Knowing the way things go, Microsoft will probably buy Dropbox now!

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