Friday, February 8, 2013

Tag Management basics

Tag Management Systems (TMS’s and also known as Container Tags) are a way of simplifying the deployment and ongoing maintenance of JavaScript tags across a website. They are typically implemented in partnership with applications such as: digital analytics, personalisation and online marketing, although others can be integrated too.

The concept of a TMS is simple... in true Lord of the Rings style; you have “one tag to rule them all”. In other words you insert a single tag into your HTML and this then calls any number of other tags to the page (sometimes based on display rules, which fire certain tags in specific situations).

The business case for Tag Management is made by calculating the effort / cost required in the manual deployment of new tags (or updated incumbent ones), along with an increased speed of implementation and reduced amount of vendor lock-in. There are also potential benefits in having a single way to manage your tags and therefore keeping track of the potential numerous tags within your online estate, as well as performance improvements from the efficient delivery of only know JavaScript to your end user.
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