Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bring back the old terminology!

Back over 10 years ago there were a number of terms used in the IT community and beyond. These terms, due to a variety of situations, have stopped being commonly used.

Now I want to bring them back, but for our new Web2.0 world:

1. Multimedia (sometimes used with either a hyphen: 'multi-media' or a dreaded mid-capital letter: 'MultiMedia'):
However, this would not be used to describe a PC that could play audio files or tiny clips of CD-Rom quality movies, but a way of stating what types of company assets are used by PR or Marketing departments to communicate.
Example: "Oh, we're now very multimedia, we've uploaded video from and a podcast alongside our text press release"

2. Incubator
This wonderful term was used to describe a larger unbrella organisation that has a number of smaller companies working within it. It fell completely out of popular speak after the dot-bomb crash of the early 2000's. The smaller companies were given support in the guise of:

  • A slightly older and more experienced management team who thought they knew what they were doing
  • A building to work within that they could not usually afford until they got funding
  • An environment where they could be safe to share ideas with others, safe that their idea wouldn't be stolen, etc.

Note: I've actually refrained from saying anything particularly critial or cynical about an incubator. This is mainly because I think that it is a great idea (perhaps just not implemented as well as it could be several years ago). It can help start-ups and provide a premesis for less. It could also properly foster a more collaborative working environment that the typical Regus managed office.
I believe that one or two incubators in London and potentially other major towns across the globe, could now nurture a few select start-ups. They could provide a stable foundation for them to grow and maybe that older managment team might now have learnt enough to be able to actually help... perhaps.

Has anyone got any more suggestions?

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