Friday, April 18, 2008

Consider micro-content

The corporate website is a defacto presence for any company and the company blog is continue to grown in its adoption, even on sites you wouldn't have considered to be adopters. Blogs have a way of bringing users back to your site. Users subscribe to your feed, they come back to get an update on your perspective and they click-through when you link to relevant content.

However you may often not have time to write a full blog posting or you may only want to convey a point or highlight an issue for subsequate discussion. It may therefore be worth considering publishing only a sentence or two to your website to stimulate or encourage.

The web equivalent of an SMS text message, these small comments can create stickiness for users to return to, they are easy to produce and truly bring to fruition the phrase 'less is more' (some may say that this potentially provides only a small rope from which to hang yourself).

One micro-publishing method that is gaining in usage is This site, a hybrid of instant messaging and mini-blogging is fast becomming a way for a lot of peope to communicate and get instant clips of interest, emotion and knowledge. What's more, its becoming a medium that business bloggers are adopting quickly and many are using it to boost their profile.

Now I do not expect this method of communication to superceed blogging, but to act as an accompanyment to it. Its take-up rate will be something to watch.

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