Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creativity and Science

Having watched & listened to Elizabeth Gilbert give her recent TED presentation on creative genius, I was led to blog about the difference between: logic & emotion (hat-tip to David Armano), science & creativity, left brain & right brain, nerds & artists, and also tortured souls & society's saviours.
If you can spare 18 minutes, I strongly suggest you view the video

So why does there have to be this polarity? Why does there have to be such a divide between the two, that means successful people are either in white coats & suits or straight jackets?

Perhaps now with Social Technologies there is now a place for people who have both skills (or at least a place where it will stimulate both lobes now) ?
Then we'll be able to trap our creative daemon and technical genius in the same place... and use them both for good.

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