Monday, March 9, 2009

Further buzz monitoring justification

Having already covered some of the likely client answers / justifictions for social media monitoring back in January, I thought I'd follow this up with a subsequent posting on the what the your next set of replies could be :

1. We want to quantify the amount of comments or mentions about us over time
Shouldn't it be about quality of interaction and not the amount? What does a lot of comments about a particular staff member or product actually tell you?

2. We want to identify our prominent bloggers / influencers out there, with the aim of engaging with them
How? Is this a longer-term engagement or are you only after immediate results? (If so, prepare for the second wave of blogger backlash when you stop engaging)

3. We want to quickly spot trends or identify issues and respond accordingly
This is a great step forward, what mechanisms do you have in-place through the business to ensure the correct issues are identified and dealt with in the appropriate way? (E.g. how do you filter signal to noise and how do you avoid constant knee-jerking as a response?)

4. We want to understand the general sentiment or tone of the buzz
Fine, but are you planning on segmenting this according to different people and their tone? How are you monitoring this over time?

You may want to temper these replies, depending upon your longer-term expectations of the relationship!

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