Monday, March 23, 2009

Government removes PM email

In this modern world of always-on communition, you can contact the great leaders of today's society if you want to. The most obvious example is the ability to watch/support/respond to 'Mr President' on Facebook:
(But personally I'd rather watch him on Jay Leno)

So I guessed I was initally dishearted when I read the recent story about Gordon Brown removing the link from his Number 10 official website for everyone to email him.
On face value this reduces the number of communication channels the UK populous has with its leader. However, most people don't really believe that he personally will respond do they? I don't think so
In reality a group of several 'voter/electorate/media/interaction/facilitation/operatives/etc.' are most likey employed to reply on his behalf. (Its ok, you call them 'Customer Service Representatives' if you want). Its like when you go into KFC, you don't expect Colonel Sanders to be behind the counter.

So, if you can follow the real GB on Trendy Twitter (along with the load of others who pretend to be him) how much of a loss is this feature?

A big step I think. Even if those emails aren't from the actually the strange and sanitised man with a foreign accent you see on TV (which one I mean here.... you'll have to decide), there's still a change in communication approach and I wonder what channel is next.
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