Friday, March 6, 2009

Why wireframes have changed these days

Why does nothing ever stay the same in the web world for very long?

  • ASP's to SaaS
  • Animated GIF's to Flash (I'll ignore Silverlight for now)
  • Bubble to "sustainable business models" (Hurrah)
  • HTML to xhtml
  • Paragraphs of text to SEO-rich and Google-baiting copy
...the list goes on..... (and so do I sometimes apparently).

But one thing has stayed the same for some years now, the good old wireframe. One web page, one wireframe, one happy and informed client, it was easy....

Well, that was until all this Web 2.0 stuff came along anyway. Now its:
  • Ajax interactions
  • DHTML layers
  • Personalised modules
  • User-defined widgets
  • Collaborative filtering suggestions
    (which apparently a percentage of people found useful)
The rules have changed, has your agency's wireframing technique?
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