Thursday, February 26, 2009

Corporate structure and the customer

I've wrote previously about how your company structure is not necessarily your customer's view of your company, so it comes as no suprise that Steve Hurst, editor at Customer Strategy feels that the silo'd structure of companies are to blame. He's just attended the Technology for Marketing & Advertising show in London and has blogged about:
"..the underlying ‘command and control’ corporate structures that are making it nigh on impossible for organisations to give their customers what they want and when they want it in a consistent manner.... Come on guys this is the 21st century not the 19th."
Strong words?

Well, not really, given that very few companies show a high degree of customer experience maturity, despite customer service making a difference in a recession.

As this economic downturn bites deeper, at what point is it that companies realise that their structure may be the difference between success and failure (and its not the fault of the customer)? Perhaps only the ones that live to tell the tale in the end!
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