Monday, February 2, 2009

The return of Woolworths

It seems the passing comment from Patrick Altoft at the end of November may have been heard..and the website of 100 year old & failed retailer Woolworths looks like making a suprise re-appearance to our browsers in the Summer.

Yes, that's right. The shops may be shut now and the land sold to Icelandic Venture Capitalists, Russian football club owners and Ponzi Scheme managers, but the website looks like it will live once more if this story in The Times is correct:
(Note to self: How can I read a story online with a publish date of 3rd February if today's the 2nd?)

They have already put a simple form up on to ask people what they liked and disliked about Woolworths, with the openning line:
We've got high hopes and big ideas for the Woolworths we want to bring back to you!

.. lets hope that haven't taken Mr Altoft's comment literally that...
They would be better setting up an affiliate link to Amazon.
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