Monday, February 23, 2009

The divison of creativity

The divison of labour was cited by Adam Smith as an essential factor in the growth of prosperity (A.K.A. The Wealth of Nations). The idea was that as you sub-divide production into smaller tasks, you create specialisation in activity & process and therefore efficiency in production. Factories were created that allowed this specialism in production and resulted in increases in product and quality. Note: My school economics teacher would be proud of me

However as we reach a new economic time where:
  1. Media business models are failing (e.g. newspapers/printing presses)
  2. Distribution is free and the incremental cost of digital production is almost nothing
  3. Consumers needs are fragmented (and continuing to do-so)
  4. People are forming online groups that more-closely resemble social structures
  5. Creativity and innovation are recognised and encouraged more & more
Are we now suffering from a mainstream factory mentality that is counter-productive to understanding and embracing the new economy?

Tom Fishburne puts this nicely in his 'Idea Factory' Brand Camp cartoon:

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