Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Customer Experience Maturity

Having previously menioned how customer experience (e.g. a bad multi-channel experience) can make the difference between financial success and failure, I'm amazed to see some companies making obvious mistakes that affect have a business impact.
For those that want proof of this, you should really read Forrester's report from 24th March last year - incidentally my wedding date - that shows how a better Customer Experience can "Generate Significant Revenue"

Bruce Temkin, who produced this report ,also recently presented further work on this theme at the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco. As well as covering additional customer experience research, Bruce covered the essential question:

"Why is it that firms let customers down?"
He also walked-through his 5 levels of corporate customer experience maturity. In essence, how tuned-in are companies to the needs/wants/thoughts/perspective of their customers, rather than just the 'how do we sell more stuff to them?' mentality? Here's his scale along with the percentage of companies he believes are at that point:
  1. Interested
    customer experience is important, but funding and upper-level support is minimal.
  2. Invested
    customer experience is important and initial programs are being put in place -- but the effort is still not connected with profitability for the organization.
  3. Committed
    customer experience is critical to the company and executives understand how it's connected to fundamental results: It's not customer experience for customer experience's sake.
  4. Engaged
    customer experience is a core part of the company's strategy and objectives.
  5. Embedded
    it's in the company's DNA, the essence of everything and anything the company does.
I'll leave it to Jessica Tsai Assistant Editor at CRM magazine to give you the full low-down on the presentation:

So where does your organisation rank?
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