Monday, February 2, 2009

Wired UK Magazine - When will it arrive?

In the middle of last year, I was very glad to hear that Wired Magazine was planning on relaunching in the UK. (For those who didn't know it had been here already, it originally launched in 1995 and closed a few years later by Conde Nast).

But since the publishing of a few articles (e.g. here in Digital Lifecycles) announcing it re-birth we've heard relatively little more about it ... until now.
An article in Press Gazette says that it will arrive on newstands (and online) on 2nd April 2009:

(Note: Potentially still edited by David Rowan and the digital version by Holden Frith from the Times Online)

Well... lets hope this is correct and that it's the grown-up technology magazine we started reading back 14 years ago.. and doesn't instantly lose paper like its USA cousin reportedly has.

Oh, one final note:
You'd have thought they would at least have put something up on, even a link through to UK-specific articles on would have helped. (They do own the domain)
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