Thursday, February 12, 2009

Should CEO's Twitter?

Dear CEO, what are you to do? You're worrying that you'll have your salary capped to a meagre $500k per year, you've learnt how to blog, and now one of your communications staff suggests you Twitter as well.

"You want me to what?" you ask.

Well, there's a growing call for you to put your thoughts down in 140 characters and let the world follow your every anouncement (and mispelling). . Loic Le Meur, founder of video-blogging company Seesmic, has very strongly stated "If European CEOs think it is a waste of time to Tweet, it is arrogant and a wrong step in their company's strategy". Perhaps, but whislt it may be good for smaller company CEO's to Twitter (e.g. those of tech companies looking to generate more PR, SEO and VC funding in a very crowded market), it is something your Fortune 500 CEO should really be spending time on, rather than running the company?

Well according to Forbes, its a practice growing in the US but not getting as much adoption over in Europe.

Well CEO, should you decide to Twitter, here's a useful guide:
(Note, this article is actually for CIO's, but I think its safe to say its relevant for the top dog as well):

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